Sunday 17 February 2019

Woke up but did not feel shit for going out last night. Remember I decided to go once a month to satisfy my ego. It’s not worth it..  I didn’t enjoy it. There is no point of trying to find things to do and chase for that 1 minute of satisfaction. How many times I told myself that, yet keeping up with the mindset has been most challenging. It was actually good but when you are working for a higher goal rest of things around you seems so small you overlook every one of them. 

When I was walking toward the club, I was still like, shouldn’t i. Should i.. God! Help me!! I don’t know what to do..

There was a voice which was like, you follow the process, you are supposed to take a break once a month and enjoy it and be focused rest of days. ok, ok I will follow what I planned to do.. If I get distracted during the rest of the week then it will be a failure. Now me going out is not a failure… Come on, you deserve it.. go and enjoy yourself.. I was pushing myself.. then I was like, ok, hang on, imagine I am a billionaire what would I do now.. ? Aaa… I am not going back home! I wanna go and enjoy myself… 

There was a massive huge Q outside, I stood in the line. Just checking my phone and I had an email from SFM – “Ash you have made a new sale! Congratulations!” O My God! That meant so much to me.. That was like a feedback from the God, the universe and everything that I believe in.. I am approving your hard work, now go and enjoy yourself.. one 1 sec, I was like fuck this line, I wanna go back, I just made a sale.. then what will I do if I go home.. there was a smile on my face and I went inside happily..

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for a friend who bought me some cake this evening. He has always done sweet things.
– I am grateful for the sale I had last night. Thank you so much! I can’t thank enough.. Thank you!!!
– I am grateful for my strategy is working very well.

3 x happy moments of my day

– I laughed and enjoyed when my mate popped in this afternoon, who’s going to Argentina for a month on holiday. I said to him, I can’t wait that to do that either. 
– I laughed this afternoon when I spoke to my dad..
– I laughed and was happy when I spoke to mum this afternoon and she said many funny things about what dad was doing..

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination

– Ash complete email series.. chop chop!!
– Ash check analytics..
– Create new campaign.

1 x act of kindness today

Offered a tea to my mate

Night, xx

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