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25 Jan 2018

My alarm went off at 4 Am this morning. I turned the alarm off grabbed my headphones and turned on Youtube Michael Sealey’s Sleep hypnosis for Subconscious Motivation video on and fell asleep again for another half hour, which has been my routine for weeks now.

 I usually get off the bed when the YouTube video ends (I do not know how I would just wake up but I always do when the video ends).

Got off the bed at 04:40 AM. Made a quick prayer on my bed, put the kettle on, rinse my face and turned my laptop on.

My commitment to set up my online business, to learn internet marketing, to change my life… It is the Six Figure Mentor Program. 

I started the module 5 today where Guy and Elan in their marketing training took me through a step by step building a WordPress Wesbite. This is like an advanced training! How awesome is that to have an access to it on my bedroom while sitting on my bed.

I promised myself to give at-least 2 to 3 hours of my day with my full time 08:30 to 06:30 Paralegal job.

My will power is waking me up early morning and put my time and effort towards it…

Times almost 6:15 AM  and here comes my other lifelong commitment to myself, my Gym!

Having stressful Monday – Friday job, I just cannot imagine nor do I ever want to attract skipping the gym day in my life.

I started debating, should I stay home and finish another chapter of my SFM training, or, should I go to gym and have my arms workout…

There is no way I should sit in front of the screen from 5 Am and then go to work from 08:30 to 6:30 Pm… This is what I want to change in my life.

My heart said, just go to gym and have a nice workout.

I had a good Arms workout and made it to work on time at 08:30 AM. My days been going smooth. I am half way through my day and I still feel energetic and confident on my desk.

I came across Six Figure Mentor program, Digital Experts Academy about 6 weeks ago. It is an online learning curriculum and as it says it is a mentor ship program, A Six Figure Mentor program.

It is a built with a team of Mentors who have built their own business from scratch just like me who’s starting out now. They have learnt, developed their skills, became experts and now they are mentoring others.

You will be enrolled into Modules 1 – 5.  I promise by the time you get to Module 5 you will develop your own marketing strategy. Its ok if you do not know what strategy word even mean, I was there just a few weeks ago.  A digital skills platform that provides you tools and teaches you how to market online.

To start with, you can advertise their products. Once you build your expertise in it, you will be able to set up your own business.

I know I have to wake up early now, have my routine full time job life and take time out for mentor program but the confidence it is giving me that I am working towards setting my own business is undefinable. This is something that I have waited for so long for something to come towards me and change my life and I see that now…

Guys, you should check out for yourself, click the Banner below, enter your name and email address and I will send you a 7-day video series.

Either you complete all the videos same day or do one a day, it is up to you. By the end of all the video series you will have, a decent understanding of what Six-figure mentor program is and what it is all about and how you have a chance of changing your life. You can then decide for yourself if you want to stick around.

Opportunity comes when you least expect and you should grab it while you can.

Click the box below… 

Thank you.