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Saturday 16th February 2019.

I feel like it’s been a strange day today. It’s all gone like a bliss..

I woke up with a feeling of regret. I acknowledged it straight away. I had to shut a friend off yesterday because I am giving no time to anything else at the moment other than my business.. I had to cut off a lot of friends, the one from last night, I was a little harsh, I made up first thing this morning calling him Darling.. he was happy!

Then I went to gym.. I did arms, I planned and watched a youtube video of Mike Thurston complete arms workout but when I got to the gym, my phone internet didn’t work, so I did all my favorite arms workouts. I enjoyed them doing today.

I got home, phoned my mum, she had a cold, spoke to dad briefly, he was about to eat.

Sat down on my laptop, I was split testing my landing pages today.. I up my budget yesterday by 70p, everything seems to work great now.. I just saw a lead came in with the “Law of Attraction” Keyword.

I love it so much when I see some new variations working. I was trying the success page for the law of attractions campaign..

Leads have been funny past couple days.. I don’t know why I was a little distracted, I have been fighting with my demons. The ones which are making me spend time with things that shouldn’t matter to me at this time. My default should be thinking and working towards my business. If I am doing that then that means I am distracted, spending time on the grindr this week then deleting the whole profile, shutting off a friend yesterday… all could have been avoided

This quote just came up on my phone as a tweet notification “Hustle harder, all your hustle will be worth it”.. I just wanted to share with you.

Yeah so, I was fighting with those things and have paid attention to those, I attracted them some how.. I am repeating that pattern..

Hey Ho! I am able to identify all these and I am able to work on them so I am in the peace.

And tonight is the night that I have to go out.. Remember when I had my burnout after the new years for not taking a break for a year. so I decided to go to a party every month, spend a few hours, then my mind will not be pulled toward things and I wont have a feeling of not doing anything.. to satisfy my emotional need..

I do wanna go, so many times I panned and didn’t go, then I feel shit for many days.. now when I go, maybe I will have guilt. I don’t know I just want to enjoy myself. I will try and speak to a few people, that is all I care right now to build some human relations.

The main thing that I planned this weekend was to shoot a video and complete the email followup series..  I am a quarter way through my followup series, I have tomorrow whole day, I only gonna be there for a couple hours or so. I aim to get these things tomorrow, day after tomorrow after work, I can create the new campaign..

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for living in this area Vauxhall. I have everything so close to me.. I have bus, 2 tube stations, train, supermarkets, gym, so many restaurants, nightclubs, some crazy nightclubs, private house party chill outs the great sauna..  so many things around me.. I don’t have to travel anywhere..
– I am grateful for my alarm on my phone, It has kept me in order. I grateful the person who invented it, grateful to God for inspiring that thought in him and grateful for being able to access this and keep it a part of my life..
– I am grateful to have met my ex. I have so many memories in my room. I was just looking at a little Italian painting he got me.. we had so much of an adventurous life when we were together and we have learned so much..

3 x happy moments of my day today

– I felt embarrassed but happy and laughed when I tried to tip the fish and chip guy in the shop, he wouldn’t take the money so I had to tell him to keep it.. he was so loud.. no no!! Take it to take it.. ugh!! I felt embarrassed. I walked away quietly.
– I felt happy and laughed when I went to see my mates at lunchtime, I took them croissant’s and he had lunch ready for me..
– I felt happy and laughed when I showed my YouTube video to a cousin and she loved it..

3 x things that I need to do that will take me a step closer to my destination.

– Complete the email series
– Create a new campaign
– Complete the analytics training

1 x act of kindness

I tipped 80p to croissants women.

*********************************************************************************************************************************  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world.  Take care, Ash 🙂  My YouTube, My Website