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Friday 15 February 2019

I allow notification for only from 3 accounts on twitter, The Secret, Billionaire Mindset and Google Ads.. these are the only 3 I accept inside me..

I read The Secret’s quotes twice each because it helps me a lot with my mindset and same with Billionaire mindset tweets It’s inspiring me in building my mindset as a billionaire..

I had a long week, I was off today but had a busy day.. then went for dinner with friends, Ms Sandra is in town.. I love seeing her.. I got cake.. Had dinner with the family..

I got home, sat down it was 10 pm. I didn’t wanna get up. I usually write my blog between 9 – 10 pm.. it’s past hour now. I didn’t want to get up.. then I remembered the tweet from Billionaire mindset..Β 

β€œ No matter how shit you feel.. Get up and do the work!”

I got up, looked myself in mirror and turn my laptop on..


3 x things that I am grateful for today

– For having been found a wonderful family in UK.. I love Ms Sandra and all of them.. I have been to them so many Christmas’s and so many holidays so many places, so many restaurants, so many beautiful memories.. Thank you for having them..

– I am grateful for the little shop around the corner from me.. It has been always helpful to me.. I bought some Ritz biscuits for myself from there today. The guys there are very kind. They let my friend borrow a charger from them once.

– I am grateful for these little candle I have. I light them all the time, I am lighting a candle on every evening, just celebrating and wishing for the best..


3 x happy moments of my day

– I looked forward for the dinner all day today, because I was going to eat Stake and Ale pie.. I love that British pub food from Tommy Fields in Kennington. I was very happy when I took the first bite.
Ms. Sandra’s got me mug which says Ay Up Duck! And there is a duck in there.. Its so beautiful. People in England up north country side call one another duck.. lol.. donno why.. I was happy when I got them.
– I felt so happy and relieved when I meditated this afternoon. No matter what I do this weekned and what I don’t do.

– I have taken extra time out to mediate so a great job is done for my feeling good and being productive. Thank you I feel happy with this feeling.

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination

– Finish the analytics training I found
– Complete the email series
– Create a new campaign

1 x act of kindness today

– I asked a mate earlier, how his day was..

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