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Sun 12 Apr 17:53 2020


Woke up 8:30, txt from my father, thanking for some translation work I did for him yesterday, he had sent me a manual for restarting the operations after the COVID 19. Apparently, he’s not gonna get paid next month. he was paid half this month. The manual, I think the government must have instructed the employers and employers made these stupid manuals with very complicated English written in the country where English is spoken only 10%. Even though English is an official language there.. He’s in India.. at HYD. 

Anyway, I used google translate to translate that language Telugu to English sent it back to him, I am sure he must be busy trying to understand all that. 

I didn’t wanna look at the news but I had to write here and then I didn’t catch up on yesterday’s The Queen’s message. I watched it just now.  it’s touching.. it must be so cool to vibrate like a queen. What would it take for me to experience that.. of course not the gender 

Anyway,  today’s Easter Sunday so I did a bunch of Instagram posts with the sunshine and lot of people dying so I was spending a bit more time on there to cheer people. I just had a glance at the news and today is Coronavirus: ‘Sombre day’ as UK deaths hit 10,000. I just can’t believe that. 

The USA is on 18,731 and next down is Spain with 16,353 deaths.. there were 737 in last 24 hours in UK. What could this be. How did this even happen!! 

after my jog, around midday, I felt like taking a nap..  I was planning on going for my second jog today bkz I walked a bit of it today bkz I took my phone with me bkz I didn’t wanna take any pix when there are no people around and where streets are empty. 

I got home, ate, then meditated for 15 min then wanted to watch tv but couldn’t find anything decent so I went for the backup watched Friends for a little bit to laugh.. 

3 things I am grateful for today 

– for me my parents my siblings my flatmates my friends and all the people around me’s health.. 

– for internet 

– for water

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to experience something really cool this week. 

Ash Khaleem 

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Easter brings out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. happy easter y’all! 😎 #easter #stayhome #me #outside #jogging #sun #sunny #spring #weather #metime #recharge #ions #arriers #selfie #insta #instagram #instapics


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