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Sunday 10 February 2019

Beautiful beautiful day I was today..

Last night, I had gone out.. It has been a while since I went out.. I didn’t go out all last year.. Every day of the year I worked.. I went out a week after new years when I had that massive burnout, then I went out yesterday, pre-planned.. A friend had been asking, haven’t seen me many days.. I disconnected with most of my friends last year.. removed some from the facebook, blocked a few contacts off the WhatsApp and had my head down in my laptop all year long..

I had 3 affirmations on my tongue all the time and set a deadline on myself “31 December 2018, 11:43 AM….”

So didn’t see this friend for a long time, also I was planning to go do things a bit more.. because, I need to keep the balance and do those fun things too. I do love them! I love going out.. I love meeting friends, having a drink, a little dance.. It’s all fun! I love it..

I was feeling good, I dressed up well, White thin muscle fit Zara tshirt and blue ripped jeans, black stripy trainers.. very comfy..

I was in a happy mood, so I was going up to everybody saying hello.. talking to them.. there were 3 dance floors, each room, different music, we spent some time in all the rooms.. I usually freak people out, like when I go out with any new people.. I don’t know how, the moment I have a beer or sometimes when I am outside, it’s just by itself I get this extremely confident of Ash! And I do things that even surprise me the next day.. walking by I was giving compliments to people, I was hugging them, dancing with them. It was so much fun.. lol. 

I got home around 3 AM I think, had a wank and went to bed.. With the headphones on, listening to Sleep hypnosis for manifesting holistic abundance. Woke up around 08:40.. went to loo. I had a hangover but I felt so great, I was happy the way the night went. I was happy its Sunday today. I can go back to bed..So I slept until 11:40.. I loved it.. It’s my ideal day..

I messaged an SFM friend and my brother that I am home and free all day if they guys wanna catch up on Skype etc.. I give an hour each week to a family member.. mum, dad, brother sister ..  Sis not that much..

Made my lunch and sat down on my laptop at 2pm checking my yesterdays YouTube and Google Ads data.. then I remembered that I forgot to link my leads, a task that I was gonna do this weekend.. I finished asking my lead if he wanted an accountability partner.. Having an accountability partner is one of the best ways to speed up your progress.. you can be accountable to one another, push and inspire.. It’s a great way for new entrepreneurs who really want to move forward. Tony Robin says “Burn the boats” so it’s either you die or you win!!

Mum phoned at 3 something, I have put everything aside and spoke to her and dad. Completed my new landing page for business professionals targeting. It’s funny that the same video but the landing page congruency differs with the targeting for example.

One campaign Business professionals and another campaign “Law of Attraction” keyword.. Same video and same landing page for these two campaigns, cost per lead for business professionals is way higher than people who are typing the keyword..  I hope it made any sense.. Lol. Email me on if you want me to help you with this..

At 3:30, I sat down to meditate for 45 minutes, I meditated on attracting success and confidence.. There is a meditation that you can follow on YouTube by Joe Dispenza. When the meditation ended. I opened my eyes, looked at the candle in front of me, looked to look at the Oval Cricket ground from my window.. took my phone in my hand and the first thing I saw on my phone was..  “Congratulations Ash! – New SFM App! – I am grateful for this,, So happy!

Was just thinking of going to cook some lunch, I had a message from the friend whom I messaged this morning if she was free to catch up.. She’s free..  I said I will be with you in 3 minutes.. I was just hungry so I wanted to a few biscuits. I ate them in 3 minutes and rung her.. It was good.

I have never spoken to her before. She did her 90-day video challenge around the same time that I did.. I don’t know I just had this sudden impulse to get in touch with her.. It was great to catch up with her. She’s building her business too.. her strategy is Instagram. We were masterminding.. there was so much we both have learned from one another. We know each other from the tribe but we never spoke, were just strangers but by the time the call ended, we were already bonded to greater depths.. She’s gonna be great leader too.. She’s a torchbearer!!  SFM’s creating all of us..

Spoke to my brother while cooking, and after I ate because he wasn’t pleased with the sounds..  then worked on the new video that I shot yesterday and now writing.   

I hope you all had a great weekend too.. It’s the experiences that we see as patterns.. You need to really observe all these experiences and patterns as tiny stories and try to figure out what they are teaching you and how can improve yourself towards your higher goal..


3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for George Ezra for coming up with such a great music.. I have a radio on when I work..
– I am grateful for my Shazam App. I Shazam a song when I like and I sing along the lyrics.. I love it so much..
– I am grateful for the curtain in my room.. dear curtain I love you so much.. Thank you for being there for me. I don’t where you are from, you have always been here in my room.. Kept me warm in winter and kept it dark for me to sleep. Thank you so much!!


3 x Happy moments of my day today

– Laughed loudly of embarrassment when my dad asked If I cooked Biryani yesterday. He had asked me when I spoke to him yesterday.. Today’s my day off so he said to me to cook biryani yesterday. Today he asked if I cooked. I didn’t but I didn’t have all the thing needed to cook and I couldn’t spend that much time. I only made some chicken breast, Yogurt in a blender to quickly drink it.. Come on I am building a business so I need to save every minute 😉

– I laughed when I went to the kitchen this evening and I forgot why I went there.. I laughed..
– I was happy when I saw the App came in right after my meditation.

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goal.

– Update the followup series
– Create the missing followup series webpages.
– Complete analytics training..

1 Act of kindness today.

I gave several compliments to my friend when I spoke to her this evening..


*********************************************************************************************************************************  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can figure out our value to the world..  Ash 🙂  My YouTube, My Website