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Friday 08 February 201

Wokeup.. 5AM, loo.. went back to bed.. I heard my phone beep.. message in the group from my mate James, a inspirations video.. A guy in a park and a bunch of others looks like they were having some activities in the park.

So this guy seems just like a normal person who shouts out, we are about to race.. we are racing for $100 bill.. the winner of this race will take this, a $100 bill..

Before I say go..

I am gonna make a couple statements

If those statments apply to you.. 

I want you to take 2 steps forward

If those statements dont apply to you, I want you to stay right at where you are at.

Take 2 steps forward ..  If both of your parents are still married..  ( lot of people stepped forward and lot of them stood behind)

Take 2 steps forward..  if you grew up with the father figure at home..  (again, people stepped forward and many stood behind ) painful to see that..

Take 2 steps forward if you have access to private education ….   (many people left behind, and their faces looks! Bless them!

Take 2 steps forward if you have access to a tutor growing up..

Take 2 steps to forward if you never have to worry about your cellphone being shut off..

Take 2 steps forward if you never have to help mom or dad with the bills..

Take 2 steps forward if, it wasn’t your athletic ability you don’t have to pay for college..

Take 2 steps forward if you never wondered where next meal was gonna come from

I want you guys up here in the front.. just turn around and look…

Every statement I’ve made.. had nothing to do with anything any of you have done.. Had nothing to do with decisions you’ve made…

Everything I have said, had nothing to do with what you’ve done..

We all know these people up here have a better opportunity to win this hundred dollars.

Does that mean these people back here can’t race? No!

We Would Be Foolish To Not Realize We’ve Been Given More Opportunity..

We don’t wanna recognise that we’ve been given a head start, but the reality is,  we have!

Now, there is no excuse.. they still gotto run their race.. You still gotto run your race.. but who ever wins this hundred dollars

I think it’ll be extremely foolish of you not to utilize that and learn more about somebody else’s story..

Because the reality is, if this was a fair race. And everybody’s back on that line.. I guarantee you, some of these black dudes would smoke all of you. And it’s only because, you had this big of a head start that you’re possibly gonna win.. 

This race called life..

That is a picture of life.. Ladies and gentlemen.. Nothing you’ve done has put you in the lead.. That you’re in right now..

When I say go.. on your mark… Get set..  Go!

They all ran..   then they all stood in the circle holding each others hands..

If you didn’t learn anything from this activity ..  You’re a fool.

The title of this video was..   “If someone doesn’t understand privilege, show them this video.. “


1 JOHN 3:17-18

I don’t know if the above verse are from the bible etc but they were under the video.. 

This was the beautiful message I woke up to this morning..   I loved it so much.. I got up straight away after that and finished what I was aiming to get done today.. and got to work 10 minutes early at 07:50 AM..

When I sat down, I had no idea wha I was gonna write… looking back I had a wonderful wonderful day..

It rained while I walked to work, I looked up and said thank you..

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for being able to understand. just understand things..
– I am grateful for being able to talk
– I am grateful for being able to type..

3 x happy moments of my day

– We both laughed when my friend came to my desk say thank you for doing something..
-There was a song stuck in my head today.. it says something like this “I wanna be with you like all the time… I wanna be with you like when I am gone! Just don’t ask why! I wanna be with you like…….   I was googling it a lot of times but couldn’t find what the song was. So I went to my mates desk and said, I am gonna ask you something.. but I’ll have to sing.. this song is stuck in my head.. and I started singing to him.. he was like.. what are you doing. Are you goona neel and propose me or what?  He couldn’t stop laughing..
– We all laughed, as soon as I got into the swimming pool this evening and my coach threw lot of cold water at me..

3 x thing that I need to do next to take me a step closer to my 300k/month goal..

– complete the business audience landing page.
– Test the new landing page.
– Figure what’s happening with google ads campaigns.

1 x act of kindness today

– helped an elderly lady walk upto her flat on 3rd floor..  carrying her supermarket grocery in the rain… bless her! I have no idea how she would have managed. I am grateful I was able to help her.


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