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Wednesday 06 February 2019

Woke up early! 5 AM (Success!) sat up, read the affirmation when to loo.. I planned to go to the gym this morning, my arms were too sore from yesterdayโ€™s workout so I decided not to go.. but instead rest more.. got to work nice and sharp.. I wore my new grey stretchy fit jeans and black muscle fit t-shirt brown boots.. I felt happy and confident. The easiest and simplest way to make sure that your day ahead will be filled with magic is to fill your morning with gratitude!

I didnโ€™t eat the frog with my work today.. now I feel like it was a good exercise to my work.. ย  To eat the frog is to finish the difficult or you wanted to avoid task first. It makes you super productive. You have to listen to this book โ€œEat the frog by Brian Tracyโ€ if you want to become super productive. Itโ€™s on YouTube Audiobooks.. I finished everything on time but I usually save more time by the end of the day.. hmmm.. !! Letโ€™s try something else tomorrow..

The challenge that I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to let go of it and not refuse what is! And just surrender to it.. pleasant day at work.. Weather was nice. I am actually excited to see my park tomorrow morning on my way from the gym.. I love the park when I walk to work. When I leave the gym for work at 07:45, The Kennington park that I have to walk across is breathtaking, the colors of the trees, the way they all stand in the space, their essence, the breeze, their oneness in the space.. I canโ€™t describe how great I feel.. Somedays I stand for a few seconds sun on my face. I wish there is Sun tomorrow and I will give him a kiss.. The Sun symbolizes your higher self!

Around 11, there was a message in the group, Group of Legends, Ros-Marie she is an online business owner, she needed some advice on mentoring that she is going to provide to new members, she needed to speak to someone and I was happy to be there. I said in the group, I am at work but I can take 10 minutes out, and had a chat with her.. I think I helped her. It was great to talk to her.. I a grateful to be surrounded by people like her.. we are emotional athletes.. we are entrepreneurs!!

As soon as I got home from work at 04:30 I rung Google Ads, I added a shared budget in my campaigns yesterday and today my leads were really funny.. I couldnโ€™t spend much time figuring out how to delete the shared budget so I phoned to google ads, and the guy I spoke to.. he needed my help with his career aspirations, he was seeking advise what to do in his life. We had a along conversation for about 40 minutes he told me about his dad, brother, sister, mum.. himself!! My God! Bless him! Put the whole story out in front of a stranger.. I am grateful to be there for him. I was chosen to be there at the same place and the time to be connected to him.. I said to him, follow your heart and he went on his way happy and he said to me take care! Bless him!

I have posted in the group earlier asking if anyone can help me figure out how to get the HTML codes from one the webpages to get a stuarts video, Rich came up to help me.. he helped me with the code. Again the power of SFM community and we are truly there for one another to help each other..

Then I went to swim at 6:45, back home at 7:45, 8:10 started cooking, on my way home from swim, I thought I would give my brother a call when I got to work, I was back on my laptop waiting for the kitchen to be free.. and brother phoned, I got the headphones on and the kitchen just left by my flatmates, so I went in to cook. My brother got annoyed that I was making noises.. itโ€™s 8pm for me and 11 pm for him in Saudi.. I am hungry and have no time for anything else, how can I sit down and speak without making any noise at 8pm, he said he will when I am free. I reacted to it. I should have responded to it.. I reacted and said, no I have no time, I donโ€™t even have time for shower.. itโ€™s probably I was feeling hangry..ย  he hung up, left me restless for next half hour, I couldnโ€™t concentrate on my audiobook. Ate my dinner watching about 20 minutes of Assassin Creed.. and now writing.

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for my boots, I got them at timberland a year ago, didnโ€™t fit me well for some reason, this winter I wore once with thick socks on and wearing them since then everyday. They go with all the colours of my jeans and they make me stand up right, makes me tall, huge, heavy and great looking.. Thank you Boots.. I love you.
– I am grateful for my swim being so close to me.. the waters clean, warm and staff and kind.. I refused to give my card today and said to him, If I give you my card you are gonna get the receipt out.. he let me in happily.
– I am grateful for the gas that I was cooking my food today and everyday and the whole world.. Gas! Thank you, I love you so much!!

3 x happy moments today

– When the swim guy let me in and he seemed actually happy for doing the right thing.
– I laughed when I realized, I burned my tongue today 3 times I think lunch with hot soup, and something else and something else. When I made my dinner tonight, pasta, I didnโ€™t throw away the pasta boiled water, because, I added a bit of sun-dried ginger and garlic in it and it tasted great, I didn’t eat many carbs this evening but drunk the pasta boiled water. One step closer to my 3%body fat goal!! yay!!
– I laughed when I was leaving work, I bumped into a colleague/friend, I think these days we cannot speak to each other without making one another self-conscious.


3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination

– Complete the landing page creation
– Complete the email followup series
– Watch Dan Halloway webinar and prepare to shoot a video..


1 x act of kindness,

Bought a glass of water to my colleague..

Good night and Good luck!



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