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Tuesday 05 February 2019

Got to work on time, I have decided to wake up early today too.. Just like yesterday, my body needed more sleep so I slept until 7 almost. When I look back at it now I feel I needed that but this morning I kinda went mad.. I don’t remember not committing to it when I decide on something.. Got to work sharp and on time! Success!!

I think I was a little harsh on myself for not waking up with my feelings during the work.. and on top of that, I ve got a challenge at work that needs a little of my attention.. How much I have tried to avoid things like that, It managed to come right next to me.. I think I have unfinished business there, I need to learn something there and also need to teach.. I have always influenced people around me..

Work was great! Very productive.. I was glad I could take a walk in my lunch..

Got home at 4:15 pm, got ready for the gym.. got to gym 5:20 I think, had a great upper body workout. Probably went my highest on incline bench dumbbells, 30 KGS! Β  HAPPY!!Β  I prefer going in the mornings before work. The gym got very busy in the evening and it was packed so I completed halfway through and decided to go back tomorrow morning! So I have another small goal for tomorrow morning to wake up early!! Β  ( I acknowledge my 3rd time request to my higher self. Please I would like to wake up early tomorrow because every time I woke up very early, my day was pleasant and helpful… I would like to experience that joy. Thank you in Advance!)

Got home at 6:15. Made my dinner Lentil soup and bread and made 2 bottles of Chicken Broccoli and Yogurt blend in grinder. Remember my goal of bringing 3% body fat.. I am on my way there ;-)) Happy!!!

Ate and sat down sharp at 8pm.. I had only 1 hour today to work on my business.. Β  I have decided to blog and post from 9 – 10 pm and 10 pm, sit down read the meditation book and meditate..Β  I missed past couple of days and my head went crazy today..

On my way back from the gym..Β  I had a txt message from my mum.. My cousin gran passed away.. My parents were returning from the farewell. It’s probably why I felt so restless all day today.Β  Bless her!!

Because I had only 1 hour to work on my business today – I was checking my google ads account then Tim Farris came in my mind and reminded I have only 1 hour and I need to do the most important thing now and leave rest for when the next time.Β  A mated popped in.. I said to him, I am working on a deadline, you can hang here for some time if you want.. but I won’t be able to spend time.Β  He got used to me being busy like that.. many times before..

I was split testing my landing pages yesterday.Β  A split test is when you try a different landing page on your advert. A landing page is when you click on an advert it will take to you to a link is landing page..

So you have to count how many clicks you get and how many conversions you get. If your landing page is good then you get more conversions so you have to try to new landing pages..Β  I tried a new landing page day before yesterday. And Yesterday there was many conversions from that page and today there are none what so ever!! Wonder how I attracted that.. I need to clear my energy and heart!!

So I updated the landing page change the wordings.. Let’s see what beauty awaits for me.

At 9 pm, I was able to sit down writing my day.Β  Its 9:41 PM, The Zeephyr Song, Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing on Virgin radio and I have just enough time to post this blog and I am ready for my 10 pm schedule! (Success! Happy and my special gratefulness to my wonderful day)

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for my iphone.. I love it so much..Made my life so easier..
– I am grateful for the understanding I received earlier When I was thinking about to overcome the challenge at work.
– I am grateful for my ears I listen to the world enjoy everything.. Thank you! I love my ears very much!!

3 x happy moments of my day

– When I was walking in my lunch break I laughed loudly when I remembered how I was entertaining all the not useful thoughts..
– We both laughed when I stood in the kitchen hiding and jumped on my flatmate when she got home from work.. We enjoy that!
– I couldn’t think of anything else so I just stood in front of the mirror and laughed..

3 x things that I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination

– Create more landing pages for split test.
– Watch dan halloways webinar
– Prepare to shoot a video..

1 x act of kindness today

– I offered the Lentil soup I cooked for dinner to both of my flatmates to have..

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