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Monday 04 February 2019

Funny day today.. My energy levels after work were so funny. I actually told myself while I left work and was on my way to Tesco to buy chicken.. “O my God, whats gonna happen when I go home today.. the last hour of the work, I looked at the clock a few times.. I usually enjoy it being there, I listen to audiobook and I love being there around people..

I had to stay an hour extra to make up the time for this morning. I had an my foot appointment.. My foots doing great.. He said I need to build more confidence and forget about foot.. That’s true, there are much bigger things that need my attention, not my own flaws coming out.. I just need to observe them..

The Doctor was very pleasant, we have a different connection, last time he said to me about a meditation centre in Covent Garden.. This time, he said a beautiful story of Homeopathy.. Bless him! ( I recently had a steroid injected in my foot joint, it was a little funny before but I am glad it’s all dusted now for good.. I used an Affirmation for about 6 months now I think, every time I remembered my foot, I said that Affirmation. I also added my mum to the affirmation, a friend from work, a manager from work and a pigeon who lives around me.. My affirmation actually read like this

“My feet are completely healed..

My mums feet are completely healed..

Xxxxxx’s feet are completely healed..

Xxxx’s feet are completely healed..

The pigeon’s feet are completely healed..


My shoe fits perfectly on me..

My mum’s shoe fits perfectly on her..

Xxxxxx’s shoe fits perfectly on her.

Xxxx’s shoe fits perfectly on him


I dance like Rafa andradi..

Xxxxxx dances like Rafa andradi

My mum moves freely and flexibly

Xxxx moves freely and flexibly


I walk confidently and authoritatively..

My mum walks confidently and authoritatively.

Xxxxxx walks confidently and authoritatively.

Xxxx walks confidently and authoritatively..


Seems like a big affirmation but you get that different person in your mind so the flow is great. And to be honest I really want my affirmation to help them.. so it doesn’t matter how long it is..   

I read this affirmation every time i was walking, or remembered about the foot or was feeling uncomfortable and I am grateful by the way things have turned out..

I was split testing my landing page yesterday and today I had no leads from the business professionals so thats been stressing me out today.. last time it was one error and my campaign went so funny for weeks.. !!!!   I had to say AAAAA what is wrong with you!!      And it started working so week for past 3 weeks and today I actually had 5 leads for £20 that’s pretty cool actually. The law of attraction keyword works very great for me..

I got home from work around 6, watching Dan and Gavin’s webinar and created the Targeting London only campaign, but deleted it funnily.. I should take that as a sign..   I need to figure out how to make my landing page work, then I should create the campaign.. Action plan buzzer on!! 

My head went very funny after I deleted the campaign.. then I watched 10 minutes of Just for laughs on Youtube to cheer me up.. then had coffee at 7:30 pm and got to Swim at 8:10,..   Enjoyed the swim.. few times I remember being the now and reading my affirmation while swimming.. on my way back home, I bought some chicken from the chicken and chips shop.. this evening while I was walking back home from work I saw a very handsome guy walking eating chicken.. My God, I felt like eating chicken at the time and I was able to eat the same chicken for dinner tonight.. yay!!   (I want to acknowledge my special gratefulness for making my life so comfortable.. Thank you! Thank you! And thank you!!!

I got 1 big chicken piece, 6 wings thinking of my flatmates.. one was so excited when I asked her to eat one.. everyone likes these chicken wings.. these are drunk food in the college and everyone loves it.. and while eating chicken I happened to come across Assassin creed on Netflix started watching fell in love with it so far.. I watched half hour I think..  and now writing at 11:30 pm way past my meditation time..

3 x things that I am grateful for today

– I am grateful for being able to understand the system that I am learning. I am very new to digital marketing and everything in the world to be honest.. but I am progressing like a jet rocket so there are no limits to gratification… 

– I am grateful for having all the money I have.. I have always had money, when I was growing up.. I was probably the richest kid in the call. In the college and in the university.. I am truly truly grateful for all the money that I always had.
-I am grateful for my little cat who’s been gone a long ago but I loved you so much.. and I know you loved me too.. I am grateful the time I spent with my cat.


3 x happy moments of my day today

– I felt funny and laughed loudly when I watched Just for laughs this evening..
-We both laughed when I offered chicken to my flatmate and she said she had already eaten and then I said eat a wing. And she was like YES!! I want it..
– I was happy and laughed earlier when I realized I was not being mindful and I reminded myself that I have £100,000 in my bank account  and the smile automatically comes;-))


3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination.

– Make my landing page work
– Outsource landing page content
– Build the landing page ASAP!!

1 x act of kindness today.

– I put my hand on my heart and I said to Doc today, I am really really grateful to you for looking after me for past 2 years.. Thank you and I think he was very touched. Then he talked to me for so long time.