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Luckily, I live very close to where I work. MyΒ  regular 9 to 5 job and I usually go home for my lunch. It is about 7 minutes’ walk.

I am a paralegal by profession and some days work can be crazy, so I do like to take a walk lunch time, get some fresh air, sometimes I go home and take a 10 min nap and bring my lunch boxΒ  and eat on my desk.Β 

As every day, I walked up to home today, took a 10 min nap, ate a big meal Chicken and Rice (it was so good), I do not know for some reason I just felt like carrying some more to work.

I already ate but still felt like taking some to work to eat sometime around 3ish pm.

I walked into work, just by the main door I saw a work colleague (Neena – Name changed ) she saw a little brown bag in my hand and said.

Hey, what you got there?Β  I answered, got some chicken and reluctantly rice. Β  Where is it from? I said, close to Vauxhall station.

I do live very close to Vauxhall station in London. (People were little funny when I was new here and I told them I live close by. They kinda expected me to get in early and start work early )

Neeena said, you would have to show me sometime where that is from, we don’t have many places around us here. Usually people at my work get stuff from Supermarket and eat on their desks.

I asked her, what did you get for lunch?

Neena said, I did not get anything, I do not feel like going out, I have cold and I am feeling queasy today and no appetite and I do not feel like walking either. so i am gonna take it easy.Β 

I kinda felt sorry for her; she seemed to be a little down.

I was so close to offer the food but I was like, God, I do not know how she would feel about eating food from my home. Not that I am a bad cook but it is a funny feeling being formal towards your Lawyer work colleague. Nor I want to tell her that I can go home for my lunch everyday.

I came and sat back on my desk. I was still feeling sorry for her.

I went back outside praying, hope she is still there where I saw her earlier. But she wasn’t

I used the men’s room and on my way, back I saw her coming in the door. I said, hey, did you get anything to eat?

She said, just walked up to the store and got a yogurt, dont feel like going far..

Hey listen, sorry i ddim’t offer you earlier, you should have the food i got from Vauxhall. I actually bought it from home. I live like super close and i go home usually.Β  She said, what! no way.. how lucky you are. I know right, but listen, the foods still warm and i already ate earlier. i just got some more.. you should have it.Β 

She said no no!Β  You should have it.Β  I said I already ate it and I do not know why I felt like carrying some to work and it is still hot and you should eat it.

She said sure, how nice. Thank you!

I left the lunch box on her desk.

20 min later, she returned the empty washed box and said, it was soo good. I felt like I had a happy healthy hot home food. It was a little spicy for me but I needed that kick I guess. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much for that.

The joy that bought me was paramount. She would have just eaten that yogurt from the store and sat on her desk until the end of the day feeling ill, grouchy probably.Β 

I am grateful for the opportunity that I attracted somehow with my some actions from my past that I was there in that moment and was able to help someone.

Even an inchy wincy bit of making someone feel good is enough for me for today to feel more content.Β  I am thankful for this.Β 

May you all have an opportunity to do something special each day or be at the moment and you experience that energy around. (Its all about the mindset)Β 

Thank you for reading.

Ash Khaleem