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Tuesday 29 January 2019ย 

I meditated earlier.. I feel so great..ย 

I had a great day today.. and the great meditation off all time.. I have been listening to โ€œBreaking the habits of being yourselfโ€ there is meditation in there that I have been longing to do.. I finally did it today.ย 

You can choose an emotion to undo. Example emotions are – insecurity, confidence, not having enough etc..ย 

I choose Confidence in the first part and in second part I choose finances then in half way though I changed it to personality and beauty..ย 

I had listened to Youtube video of meditation. First you have to work on identifying your emotion then you declare the emotion and then you surrender. Finally you release everything for higher power to take care and then you start to feel that emotion empowering you.. I was literally feeling the confidence in my chest in my legs, I sat straight up on my chair and I had a candle in front of me and It felt like there were full of stars in my head.. It was beautiful.ย 

2nd one I waked for a personality and beauty.. I could see myself as a huge personality and so beautiful. Then I saw my dad and mum and I was able to bring them to UK.. I always wanted that! .

I am grateful the experience that I had when I meditated a few minutes ago..ย  I think I meditated for an hour and half..ย 

3 x things that I am grateful for today.ย 

ย – I am grateful for the understanding I received that I am able to see positive in everything and understanding what that situation is teaching me. .

-I am grateful for my swimming pool I have close to me, the staff are very helpful, the pools clean, happy environment.. I am grateful for living close to it.ย 

– I am grateful for having this wonderful brain. My ability to think, do things.. How can I thank enough to that creator for creating me.. So beautiful ;-))ย 

3 x happy moments of my day

– I was happy when I got home at 4:20 I was able to setup everything and was ready for the call with my 6 figure mentors Greg & Fiona. The call went so great.. I congratulate myself for building myself up to the speed of Google Ads. Everything looks so great in my campaigns..ย 
– I was happy and laughed earlier when I saw my little 14 year old care bear Kuchie, he looked cute and funny with those coloured threads I found from those wrist band..ย 
– After the meditation, the fuse went off. I went into corridor to check and my flat mate was already there.. she was so scared to push the button up.. we laughed like crazy..ย 

3 x things that I need to do nextย 

– Fix my landing pageย 
– Complete Analytics trainingย 
– Complete thank you page..ย 

1 x Act of kindness todayย 

– Gave a Whetabex breakfast bar to my friend who sit next to me at work.ย