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Fear is something that you can overcome by facing it.. we are infinite beings.. fear is just a limitation. there are 2 types of fears, 1 the one you are aware of them and the other one is you are not aware of them.Β  The one you are aware of like, you have an interview coming up next week and you fear that.. It could be that.. Β or fear of heights (bkz you already know) and the other fear is unknown..Β 

Fear of unknown, is.. subconsciously your actions and doings will be projected towards procrastinating the fear of unknow.. what will happen! if you start that.. this is difficult to become aware of..Β 

Every choice has energy attached to it, either positive or negative.. the positive one’s align to your growth and the negative one’s will pull you back, put you in the dark places.. so make sure the choices that you make align to your goals.. align to your what you are trying to achieve in life.. The choices could be a choice in the picking up a can of cook or a bottle of water if your goal is to bring your body fat down..Β 

Do you see how it aligns to your goal?Β 

your every step has to be contributing towards your desired intentional goal. Do not fear.. Fear No body! but just our Almighty.. Do the thing. take that first step towards your goal.Β 

Don’t let anything hold you back, you have to take action..Β 

“It’s a clear intention and an elevated emotion will bring us our desired outcomes.”

With you always..Β Β 

Ash KhaleemΒ 

Click here to watch a short video from my mentor Stuart, this is where I started online..Β