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Thursday 24 Jan 2019Beautiful day today. I wokeup feeling great..(Success) Last night I had to take a paracetamol, the weather’s gone really funny now.. I kinda feel that.. I feel great today, although I had to take  few more of them.. Anyway, I am grateful to be alive, safe and able to help!

Got ready for work wore a red D&G jumper and blue jeans… (Success! )  I felt confident in those clothes.. I was happy and confident at work, I didn’t get to speak to many people.. Just once or twice I think, but I had headphones on and I listen to Tony Robins today all morning.. he was explaining about how to train yourself to take action.. only finished have but it’s inspiring.. I had email, when I opened my email, I had a comment on m Video 88, this man is beautiful.. I take that as it’s coming from the universe.. Thank you!

At lunch I book a consultation call with Greg and Fiona Scott, Business online entrepreneurs, they are six figure mentors.. one of my conversions seems stuck, I need their help with that and I will ask them to advise me anything nice..

Got home around 4:15, It was freezing outside, I usually enjoy the weather whatever the weather is.. Took a nap after I got home from work listening to Joe Dispenza “Changing your beliefs and perceptions video” on Youtube woke-up 5:45  microwave rice and beef from day before yesterday, It was actually pretty yum! I cooked it!

Got ready for My Hot Seat Webinar with one of my Google Mentors.. I had emailed this afternoon to host that I am a little freaked out.. I haven’t been on the webinars before.. but it went PRETTY Great!!!  I love it so much.. I got great help, I was happy, I can confident, I wasn’t worried.. I was myself. I might have interrupted a couple times that wasn’t needed.. But I will learn that as I go along.. I am so grateful the way it went!  (Success! – I acknowledge my special gratefulness to this experience, I am grateful to inspire someone, After the call, I had 3 friend request.. I messaged all three saying please ask me if you need nay help and both chatted.. I am grateful that I am was able to be myself and I am happy to be able to step up..

The call went great, I asked many questions, he really gave me great ideas.. we all watched my youtube video, he said my numbers looks great. Advised me to make some edits.. great insight.. lets see what Greg and Fiona will advise me this Tuesday.

I felt really grateful after the call, I went to my flatmate’s room lay down on his bed next to him and watched a few funny videos. Then I made dinner, while speaking to a brother in Saudi. Ate onions and eggs and bread in virgin oil. Back to my desk.. and now writing..

3 x things I am grateful to today

– I am grateful for receiving a wonderful comment from a member of public on my video 88 on Youtube.. Those crappy videos.. I never believed someone would watch and I had a great comment..
– I am grateful for having access to so many leaders online. These are self-built millionaires. I can get their advice.
– I am grateful for this desk and chair I sit in. It feels so comfortable now to work.. I am so happy to be here right now and right at this moment..


3 x happy moments of my day.

– I was happy and laughed when I saw my old workmate, she looked beautiful and happy so I stood at her desk and we had a few minutes chat..
– I was happy and I laughed this evening on the webinar when everybody gave me so many compliments..
– I was happy and laughed when I was lying down on my flatmates’ bed and we watched some funny Santa videos..


3 x things that I need to do next to get 1 step closer to my destination

– Watch Dan’s google Ad editor webinar
– Create a new campaign just targeting London
– Shoot video this weekend.

1 x Act of kindness today 

– I bought 2 boxes of crisps to my old colleague and both sat down and ate them while chatting. It was so great to catchup with her.. 


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