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Monday 21 January 2019

Wokeup 05:35, I didn’t get up feeling grateful, I was kinda blaming myself for not waking up at 4:30. (Failure! Having blame feeling in your own internal dictionary is Unacceptable). 

Started google analytics data mastery training. (Success!) Didn’t understand much of it.. then got to work at 08:10 (Failure! – I have been working on getting to work at 8, still didn’t over come this – My Dear Subconscious I acknowledge my this emotion, behaviour and everything in question, I would be grateful if my determination to overcome this is granted.. Thank you in advance). 

Work was great.. Was helping Rose with a few things, we had a team meeting and I didn’t say anything, I kinda might have thought of a couple points to say but they are already raised or something else.. I think I actually cover this up with my ego but I think I have a difficulty in speaking there in the group or a team etc….  ( I acknowledge my this energy, feeling, emotion and everything in question – for the next one, I would like it to be with confidence, joy and gratefulness.) I will have to figure out a way to make my point tomorrow.. 

Came home for lunch at work, meditated for 10 minutes, got my laptop out and worked on my business for like 12 minutes while eating.. went back to work..  had to go to Paddinton after work for an appointment, got home around 07:30, made a cup of tea and did for 40 minutes Analytics training. My head was going crazy.. my emotional energy was very funny at that time.. I felt like I should do something physical, so I went to swim.. realised, I shouldn’t swim, my Paddington appointment so I gave blood for the tests so It’s not ideal to get into the public pool when I have a cut couple hours ago. But on my way to swim, I had realisation of my day how I have been entirely negative. I thought I was doing great, I was being positive, and I was trying to be in the now and present.. Wonder how it has been so opposite. Or am I resisting the reality now? I don’t know but I feel like I should be more grateful.. 

I was just happy to see the rose plants I planted on my way to swim a few months ago which I found on the floor. I pushed those into the ground by the road for them to survive and they are still there.. 

Got home, had an orange and decided to write. Seems like a full moon today and I lit a candle for my nephew.. 

3 x things that I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for my job, the people around me and the realisation that sometimes my actions are ego driven. 
– I am grateful that I live close to work and 
– I am grateful for not having the commute in cold or train or distance and stress.. 

3 x happy moments of the day.

– I felt like had great feeling when I looked for those rose plants. 
– I felt happy and smiled while I was waking to the swim and I had few realisations of my todays energy. 
– I felt happy and smiled when I made myself to watch just for laughs.. 

3 x things that I need to do next to get to closer to my destination

– Complete analytics training as soon as I can. 
– Write a youtube script
– Work on shooting a video 

1 x act of kindness today

– I couldn’t think of anything so I left an orange in my flatmates shelf. 




*********************************************************************************************************************************  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life is been transforming by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can figure out our value to the world..  Ash 🙂 Start Here!