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 I have no idea why I felt like doing that.

 I was on my desk busy working; it is like 10 AM, busy usual Thursday Morning.

I am a paralegal by profession.

 It just occurred to me to get off  of my desk and go to my colleagues desk whom I have not spoken to for number of days.

I saw her on her on her desk when I got in.

I walked up to her desk

Hi Nadia (Name Changed), How are you today?  I always forget your days. Are you meant to be here today?  – (She’s only returned from Maternity leave a new mum and is on felxi working policy, so she works couple days from home and limited hours at the office.)

She said, Oh no, today’s the exception. I was called in for a meeting,

which HR accidently booked on my day off day. I had to find a child minder for this morning..   I feel like ughh… !!!

I am feel tired, Lulu (Name Changed) her little 11 month old daughter.  Lulu’s been up all night, she was so hot last night like a pepper. She seems like she’s got flu .

She was so hot last night, I had to take her clothes off, she literally slept without any clothes but she was still hot. I was up all night. Mum is with her now.

I asked mum earlier if she’s alright.   Mums just sent me a video of her, I can’t see that now at work. I don’t have my headphones on me.  I feel rough.

Oh my, I am sorry, hang on; I might have a spare headphone. Let me get them for you.  

So kind, thank you Ash. I was just thinking about asking someone but I don’t know how comfortable they would be.

(I asked a work colleague for the headphones in the past, she said no, in case if there is any infection or something.. Normally people aren’t comfortable sharing headphones. So I can see her hesitation asking around.)

Anyway, I went to my desk and looked for a spare one. But found none!

No, I don’t have a spare one but you are welcome to use mine if you wish to and give it back whenever.

Nadia borrowed my headphone on and watched her daughter’s video that her mum sent.

She returned my headphones and said, Lulu looks fine, still red but at least not crying now. Mums says in the video,  Thank you very  much Ash. I don’t know how you heard  me, but thank you so much.

I seriously have no idea; I don’t even go to her desk or talk to her that usually. I was just glad that I was able to help her with that little thing.  

I read and heard about it but I think this is what it is called as – Acting on compassion. You get that instinct and impulse, your vibration matches with the person’s vibration who’s in need and you act on that impulse.  

I was happy to be there at the right time and right moment to help someone.

I wish you all find joy in finding little things like this each day.

Thank you for reading

Ash Khaleem