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Hardest person to manage is yourself. Master yourself, master the world.


Don’t worry about superficial stuff. Don’t worry about appearances. Focus on achieving your goals.

The crazy thing about starting online is that it’s actually more accessible today than ever. If you’re someone who wants to be your own boss one day, let me explain your success depends on how well you manage three things: your time, energy and focus.


1. Every winner has scars
Aspiring entrepreneurs are always so obsessed with finding that one unique idea that will change the world. In reality, a new company is rarely unique. The core of a profitable business is not your idea, but the way you execute it. All you really need is to learn how to sell something that other people are willing to buy.

2. Gratitude changes everything
When people think about starting their own business, they think of the enormous start-up costs. Well, nowadays, a business just requires you to have a website and a way to find prospects with your marketing. 


3. One day you will laugh at the problems you have today
If you have no experience, how do you know what you’re doing? That’s a natural concern people have. Any entrepreneur starting a business for the first time will have to learn and improve over time, w
e are all beginners when we start something new. So experience is what’s going to ensure your success. And having no experience is definitely not an excuse to start either.

What’s the most important thing you can do today that would make your tomorrow better ?


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