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Grow your vision and share your unique thoughts with the world

Here is your chance to be empowered with the practical, cutting-edge skills and confidence to realise your full potentials.

The structure of our DEA program is tailored to make you a future leader no matter who you are.

 DEA affiliate marketing training program is called six figure mentors (SFM), see SFM overview.

You will get to uncover your passions, we’ll empower you with the digital skills, easy know-how and support systems that will bring your unique potentials to the world.

Tailored DEA Programs

During your application and induction phase, we’ll help you hone exactly what you want your life to look like. From there, these four programs are the vehicles, designed to take you where YOU want to go.


Please note that you’ll need to be an SFM Member to get started with DEA Program. Kindly refer to our SFM Sign up page.


Your path to become your own boss, full-time.

This package is tailored to giving you a smooth path to becoming your own boss. You will get value-packaged training from business experts and strategists to bypass the typical pitfalls of figuring out how to sell products, this will give you strong revenue flows from the onset.

Start earning by selling products on popular platform with high-demand audience, you will not have to worry about warehousing stock, distribution logistics or marketing budgets.

DEA Gold

Want to Future-proof your Existing Business or Skills?

Our 1-2-1 mentoring and impacting sessions will groom you on how to drive traffic, create leads and make sales like a pro.

You will get exclusive, advanced and certified training from our successful experts on online marketing courses.

Have access to the inside scoop on the latest killer digital marketing strategies when top minds in the digital industry come together during our annual MARKETING MASTERY.


Start Building Your Brand Globally

We will work with you to define your core values and brand uniqueness, mission and purposeThese will be translated into unique authenticity making your brand a world-class brand and lets you effectively monetize the interests you’re passionate about.

We are glad to let small business leverage on this. The incisive and innovative process will make your brand stand out from others.


Your advanced path to leadership 

This special offer comes with the opportunity to join the super-star league for passionate entrepreneurs where you discover the secrets to monetize anything that interests you.

Here is where enthusiastic entrepreneur Movers & Shakers come together.

This program is designed to educate you in advance leadership skills to boost Personal Transformation into true entrepreneurship, and making a major influence in the world.

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