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 Hello, my name is Ash, I live in London and I work 24/7 –  365 days but I still have time. Time for things that matters to me the most,  time for family, time for friends, time for gym, and time to help.. What can I do for you? Anything I can do, please do ask! Anything at all.. I’m here to help you and anyone who needs help. If I can help, I will do, so please ask. Do not hesitate.. We are here to help one another!

Thank you for stopping by. This is a an open source website where you can blog or journal. I used to take one hour a day everyday to draft my day and the lessons learnt on that day but now, with practice I take 15 min before going to bed.. and so you can do it too. You can start here on this website, start by sign up button on top right hand side and write something, anything for practice. Write about your day, write what you ate today or write what are you doing right now? 

I wish you all the best and I look forward to meeting you at some point. bye! 

Ash Khaleem
Rothesay Court, London

+44 7947367978

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