🌈 549 – Wed 29 Sep 2021 


Woke up early went to the gym.. Had a good workout, did 3 x sets of pull-ups, dips on the machine and then did a Barbell military press, then quickly got back to the desk, was managing the team today went well.

Dad phoned around 09:45, he forgot to ring me on my birthday so he said he will ring every day since. , Lunchtime meditated for 20 min. The rest of the afternoon went well. Went to swim after work around 6:30 pm and the pool was busy I didn’t get so I came home got ready and went running. Vauxhall Bridge, Lambeth bride, and Westminster bridge.

Got home, made dinner, eggs, beef, almonds, chickpeas, milk, Tuna x 2 cans, some spaghetti, rice, few baby carrots, few broccoli branches, and a few cauliflowers these all I ate today.

Finished dinner watching Netflix around 9:30 pm. brother phoned at that time and spoke for few minutes and he went to bed. then I started looking for flats.

3 x things I’m grateful for today

  • for parents
  • for brother
  • and for my eyes.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x time stronger, happier and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day and then experience something really cool tomorrow?

Night, Ash




🌈 563 – Thu 14 Oct 23:56 2021

🌈 563 - Thu 14 Oct 23:56 2021 London Woke up early. still dark outside. Felt good. Meditated 15 min. Started packing.. then later around 11:30 I got ready and walked up to Leicester square, to Euro exchange, exchanged all the foreign currency I had and he gave me...