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Thursday 07 March 2019

Workup up 5:20 AM, sat up and wrote my affirmations.. got ready for the gym and left home at 6:15.. Was on time for the 06:30’s Body Pump Class at the gym..

Benefits of body pump – “While you can expect to burn around 560 calories* during a 55-minute BODYPUMP Workout, it’s the building of lean muscle mass that provides the long-term benefits. By building lean muscle mass you increase your body’s ability to effectively burn calories in the long term as the extra muscle will raise your metabolism.” copied from google.Β 

Walked across the beautiful Kennington park, had the beautiful weather and got to work sharp at 8:00 AM. Saw an old friend just on my way inside, we had a little chat and we connected straight away and picked up where we left off.. I felt so good.. Was so happy to see her..Β 

During the day I completed most the checklist of the things that I do every day.. “Daily Method of Operation..” I had listened to an hour’s of news.. and I had listened to an hour of Tony Robins, and I had listened to an hour of Abraham Hicks, and an hour of The Quran, Holy book,.. “Quran to be the book of divine guidance revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years and view the Quran as God’s final revelation to humanity.” copied from Wiki.Β 

Went to that little columbin place by the Strata, Elephant and Castle for lunch.. Rest of the afternoon was peaceful, went to Tesco’s on my way home at got home at 10 to 5pm..

I then checked my Google Ads campaigns, then got ready for the swim and left home at 5:45pm, left the swim at 06:45, got home, put the chicken on, and then put my headphones on and joined my friends for our weekly meetup. We use Zoom.. we can all speak with our audio and video on..Β It’s free.. I love we all catch up every week.. I love to be connected with my friends.. (You can me join if you want.. Ash;-))Β 

Then sat down on my desk.. I created a new campaign on Google ads tonight,Β  I am feeling good about the campaign.. then sat down writing..Β 

3 x things that I am grateful for todayΒ 

– I am grateful for having all these friends that I have..Β 

– I am grateful for being able to keep in touch and speak to them every week..Β 

– I am grateful for this little Elephant keychain I have.. it’s cute and makes me happy!Β 

3 x happy moments of my dayΒ 

– I felt so happy earlier and laughed when my mate on the call gave some nice feedback for me on the way I presented myself in the marketing mastery event last weekend..Β 

– I felt happy and laughed a few times when I chatted with my friend this morning going to work..Β 

– I felt so happy earlier when I took a break and listened to my new fav song, The Kooks, All the Time..Β 

3 x things i need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination.Β 

– Ash practice script

– Ash shoot the new video

– Ash shoot a new video for thank you page..Β 

1 x act of kindness todayΒ 

I helped a friend with her YouTube script.Β 

*********************************************************************************************************************************Β  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world. Β Take care, Ash πŸ™‚Β  My YouTube, My Website