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Thursday 10 Jan 2018


Last night around 9:40 my energy level was very funny so I choose to meditate instead of writing my diary. 

I usually write just before I meditate which is before I sleep.  So I am writing today on Thursday of my day yesterday.. I am going to attend a Visionary call in few minutes, so I need to complete this before I take that into my brain. I will talk to you about Visionary call after I attend that.. 

I had a great day.. Remember I had my foot thing done yesterday compare to that I had a brilliant day with so much experience.. 

Woke-up when ever with out the Alarm on, was around 08:45 Am, I had bought Tomato and cheese sandwich on my way back last night, I had eaten that as my breakfast and at the same time, I made, my special Chicken and Avocado Juice, 2 bottles…. 

My leg is feeling great.. Thank you for maybe thinking about it.. I am grateful and I feel pleased.. 

Got to my desk, I have a task that I need to complete as soon as I can, I have been thinking about it quiet a lot..  I need to submit my website to SFM’s compliance team for compliance check, I recently started advertising on Yoututbe. ( I want to acknowledge that, I am grateful for having SFM’s compliance team that I have access to, so I can be sure I am good to go on Google.. ) So I worked on it, updating my website etc until 2pm.. 

I have had someone coming over to view one of the rooms in our flat at 3pm. I quickly need to clean everything, I got ready for him, luckily my other 2 flatmates are also happen to be at home.. We actually never hung out or did anything.. Mean, never occurred we are three at home at same time.. 

We stood in the corridor and we spoke about absolute rubbish for like 40 minutes.. Ben, Liz and I (Ash), Bence is Hungarian and Liz is Dutch (Blond) 😉 Ben and Liz are crazy, If they are just themselves they would speak about dying or torturing or something like that, because I was there, It seems to be a a bit grownups conversation.. Somehow we actually talked about Sex! lol.. 

Anyway, It was very good laugh.. I am probably think, I released all my stress of the week that 40 minutes of laughing for silly things. ( I want to acknowledge my gratefulness for having wonderful flatmates, Thank you God)..    The Dude came over to view the room sharp at 3pm..   Latvian Guy, very blunt.. Wouldn’t settle down, on the move, asking only questions, checking his phone. I heard a voice in my head, Ugh!! Get out of here. 

I managed to ask him a couple questions about him but he wasn’t opening up.. I need to know him, if he’s going to live with us.. Funnily he seemed very interested.. He is kinda cute but weird.. 

He left, Liz and Ben were in the kitchen, they were already making fun of him.. What a dickk.  Liz was like, he was like, he just stood there on his phone asking you that.. Aw!! Ha Ha..  We had a laugh talking about him.. 

For next half hour we continued laughing in the kitchen.. Liz needed to go to super market, she asked if we need anything, because I haven’t been out anywhere since yesterday after my surgery so I felt like eating some sweet.. I said to her bring me some cake, she said, I am going to Lidl, there is no cake there.. (its a super market).. I feel like eating some sweet.. Bring me a GU, no wont have them there.. Ok, I will bring you some chocolate.. No!! I don’t like chocolate ( I don’t usually eat any of sweet things, I am trying to bring my body weight to 3% – What what my affirmation is) = so today is an exception for me ;-). 

Liz was like, so annoying.. Tell me what you want to eat….!!!   ok, I will bring whatever.. HAHAHA!!! 

10 Min after Liz left home, I had a call and on the other line, this guy ringing from Peckham wants to come and view the room..   I said yes come over, I sat in Bence’s room on my laptop and he was on his laptop showing me so strange videos.. 

I was on my laptop trying to Signup to Audible’s affiliate program. Because, now I am writing a blog so If I mention a book, I would want to put my link below you know, so that people can go directly to the book instead have to look for it..  some reason, it didn’t work. There was error, does not allow me to signup.. Wonder what universe has plans (but I heard a voice in my head said, I am only going to promote SFM, so it’s ok.. I don’t need to worry about it.. 

 We waited for this guy to come over for next 40 minutes, this was around 5:30 I think.. 

Spanish guy works a teacher in a special needs school. Seems very relaxed, humble and a decent guy. 

I offered him a tea, we sat in the proposed room he is supposedly taking if he is interested. We had a great conversation. Of two guys who came to view the room, obviously the Spanish guy is our choice.  Liz went to supermarket and she disappeared.. She’s been gone for 2 hours and we are waiting to eat something sweet.

She never came home until 9 I think.. 

Ben went to take a nap, he is working from midnight, I went to my room it was 6:30.. I put my laptop on to complete the website compliance work.. My voice in my head said, maybe I should take a nap it’s the perfect time, 6:30 to 7.. I was like no, I have just been home all day, I am probably not too tired. I don’t need a nap now.. and I just worked through with a million thoughts coming in and out of my brain. Around 7:45 I felt a little exhausted, so I decided to take a break and just meditate for 15 minutes.. I put the lights off.. Set the alarm of 13 minutes. Lay on the bed, closed my eyes and started reciting my affirmation..  I felt very relaxed.. The alarm went.  I quickly got up,  had some water and turned my laptop on. 

I need to attend a speical google ads webinar from SFM, I started advertising since August and my past almost 2 months now my leads have drastically gone down somehow.. My budget is £16.70 / day. 

I started in August advertising on google Adwords and for £16 I was getting at least 7 leads per day.. I did something to my campaign one day and thats it.. Everything gone crazy since then.. now I am getting like, yesterday and today I had just 1 lead a day. Thats rubbish you know.. I don’t don’t know what to do.. 

I am doing everything best I can. I don’t know what else to do. 

So anyway, this webinar is the first time..  So the guy will make you understand about adwords, campaigns, compliance. etc. It was a great training.. You can normally attend on facebook live or you can attend as a panel too.. I get the link from my phones calendar so when I attend I go like a panel somehow.. So I will be actually in the call, other people can see me and lot more people who attending on the facebook live can see me too but I won’t see them.. I can only see people who are on panel and the trainer. 

However, most times I keep my camera off because most of the times that I am attending these webinars, I am usually at work with my headphones on, attending a webinar.. 

But the trainer said, I wish there were any people on the panel, I don’t see anyone.. As soon as he said that, about 10 of them including me appeared on the panel.. ;;-)) 

I was a really great call, lot’s of value.. Then almost to the end, he asked if there were anyone who’s got a running campaign. I can have a look at it next time.. 

The organiser somehow as if she knew me before said, Ash, you have campaign right? Would you like to come on the call next week, and he can check your campaign live..  I said, Yes that would be cool.. Thank you.. 

I jumped with excitement.. Just when I was thinking what should I do. I am doing everything right but then why am I not getting any leads!!!!!       God Heard Me ..   (I want to acknowledge the grate-fullness to have attracted this opportunity.. Thank you and I look forward for more like these.. ) 

Call just ended. I messaged the organiser introducing myself and gave her my email..  

I heard Liz come home just now, I went into kitchen asking what did you bring? You missed another guy who just came over to see the room.. 

She bought me a chocolate, some Musse and a bunch of something else.. I don’t know what you want so I bought them all to you.. Take what you want.. I said no to all of them and decided to go for the chocolate.  

It must have been ages since I ate anything chocolate, remember my goal to bring it down to 3%.. The thing is since I started my affirmation, I don’t really need to tell myself oh I need control etc. I just don’t get inclined towards it anymore. What a feeling ey?

I feel great. I choose it eat a chocolate now.. It was a nice chocolate with some dry fruits in its stomach – Auh!!!  It was so ooo oo good.. I enjoyed it so much. I was rolling over on the kitchen side wall with my hands up in the air.. saying yum!!!!…….  

Liz couldn’t stop laughing and she said I have never seen someone enjoy chocolate that that before.. I ate half of the chocolate and went to my room.. 

It was 9:40 by now.. this is the time usually I write before I mediate then I sleep.. I sat down to write. My energy went so funny I was like.. 

A little voice was like, no matter how you feel stay up and do the job.. I was like I will have to rush and hurry up to finish and I don’t think I would be able to check the grammar etc.. no way, I would rather meditate.. 

And I decided to meditate from 9:40 upto God know what time. I don’t look at the time anymore. All I know is  my alarm’s gonna go off at 4:30 Am.. I release all this time from my mind and I just go with the flow.. 

I went to bed peacefully.. 


3 x things that I am grateful for 

-I am grateful for this wonderful flat

-I grateful for having all these flatmates.. 

-I am grateful for living here, I love it so much.. Thank you.


3 x happy moments of my day

-I felt so happy when we three were chatting in the kitchen.

-I felt so happy later when I sat in Ben’s room working on my laptop and he on his and there was a stillness in the room. 

-I felt so happy when I ate the chocolate Liz’s got me.. 


1x Act of kindness 

I gave Liz a pack of biscuit and she said, no I have so much food now.. I said, no you save it for winter.. I want you to taste them so save them.. we both laughed. It’s winter here already and squirrels save for winter humans don’t… lol







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