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Wed 03 June 23:17


Woke up 7:30.. was feeling good and pleasant. was able to sit and meditate for 20 minutes before work. and logged on work at 8 am sharp.. 8:03 i think. Work was smooth, we had a team catch up and everybody came on the camera so it was so nice to see them all after a long time.. Many days and we are still in the quarantine in England.. I was chatting to mother during lunchtime today, she was at my sisters’, dad and brother in law went out for some errands and she’s spending my sis, nephew, and niece.. so happy mother was visiting them.. I forgot to ask her to take some pictures.

After work, meditated again for 20 min.. I think I meditated at lunchtime as well. Took a nap 6:30 pm. went for a jog around 7:35.. was a little cold, cloudy and rainy outside today.. dark and grim the weather was, and I love it like this.. and as Tim would say, jump in the ice tub or a weird chamber to activate your circular system in his podcasts, then Ash would say, Dude, you should go for a run in London in winter over the bridges, Westminster or Lambeth or any.. It freezes like crazy!!! it feels like the arctic Eskimo cold .. who cares about those ice tubs..

Anyway, I went for a jog around 7:30 pm, Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge then turn around over Westminster bridge.Β there were a lot of people outside, protests and the demonstrations of the Floyd case… I think all these guys should go home.. do there best in their careers, and make the best of themselves, their offsprings and support all the people around them that will be a help to everybody.. instead of sitting on the streets and shouting has never worked for anybody in the past. And the looting. so funny with these guys, waiting for an opportunity to loot the streets as soon as something goes wrong.Β Gandhi didn’t die that long ago, Mandela feels like he is still alive, he was there with us recently.. they gave us examples of nonviolence.

I think it’s a little bit embarrassing. we just had the corona and now everyone’s out protesting and demonstrating..

I was avoiding the news and then this popup tweet and then this women was screaming, swearing and shouting on somebody in that video, I wondered why I got to see that..Β and then this another woman, I was jogging and I heard a scream, I looked up and this couple in front of me turned around to see, and this woman on the phone with headphones, I can’t breathe, I can’t fucking breath so loudly on the phone..

I should probably avoid the Westminster bridge for a next few days so I can avoid, all this craziness..Β I should try running towards Battersea dog home. I need to figure out how much the distance would be if I run to the opposite side bridges, currently from Vauxhall bridge to Westminster bridge is 1.3 miles, both ways, 2.6 miles, so I go from one side to another side of the river over both bridges that’s definitely over a mile, and then from Vauxhall to home, overall I must have been running over 6.4 km every day. Wohoo! Wohoo!!Β Wohoo!!!

3 things i am grateful for today

– grateful for the energy for running

– grateful for the chicken I ate

– grateful for the radiowaves giving signals to my radio..

1 wish of my day – what would it take for there to be a peace rally where everybody supposed to come out and laugh.. just laugh no talking and everything in the way of that making it possible, all the limitation, restrictions we have placed upon and all related patters to be deleted now across time dimensions space and reality..

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Ta da!